Who We Are

Hi, I’m Jen, founder of My Skin Origins. I used to run a food establishment and my passion and love for food, led to a burn accident on July 2012. My burns took more than a month to recover with medical help.

The burns left me scars that would remind me of the accident. Fed up with synthetic creams that just masked the problem, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I searched for dermatological treatment of scars and had undergone topical and e-matrix surgery. Though the scars had improved, I continued my quest in searching for a perfect skincare product.

An advice from a surgeon and a close friend to use natural olive oil and aloe vera made me realize its purpose. An idea to put up a business to provide quality skin care products and solutions came up. After cherry-picking a handful of manufacturers, an opportunity came in. We started to test the market online. My observation in sales led us to improve our formulation of natural skincare products to what it is today.

I, together with the support of my husband Alan, my brother Dennis, and family decided to sell our product through a more traditional route, thus My Skin Origins was born.

On March 2013, we opened our first store in Jacinto Street, Davao City offering 5 sets of beauty essentials targeting women’s specific needs.